Lucilla Candeloro

Lucilla Candeloro (Abruzzo, Italy) collects, researches and draws barks, typical flora and geomorphology, rocks and bush. Afterwards, she expands these sketches into large scale drawings on paper or composes ephemeral installations.  She believes that developing a deep knowledge and understanding of nature is the basis for overcoming the environmental crisis that threatens our civilisation.

Born in 1978, Lucilla Candeloro studied at the Artistic High School in Pescara. She graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, after spending a year at the Art University of Berlin (UDK), where she improved her knowledge of drawing and engraving. In 2004 she exhibited her first work of public art in the Bologna Central Station with a video installation; the next year she was awarded a prize in the Murri Public Art Under 30 competition. In 2006, she participated in both editions of “I love Abruzzo”, where she showed her first facial portraits realised with paper on pencil, small faces that become monumental in the next spaces. In recent years she has worked a new series of burnt trees realised with the use of oxide, charcoal and graphite on paper. These new works developed from reflection on illness and death, meant not only as individual pathology but also as social concepts. In 2014 she presented these new works about nature in a solo exhibition with an essay by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio. She has exhibited in Italy and abroad and, since 2013, collaborates with the Gallery Montoro 12 Contemporary Art of Rome.

Lucilla undertook a residency at BigCi in Bilpin NSW, Australia, in late 2017.  The works included in this exhibition were created in response to the local environment.