Jin Sha: Brief biography

Jin Sha was born in 1968 in Beijing, China. After graduating from the School of Chinese Painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, he has mainly worked on Gong-bi painting which is characterised by the meticulous depiction of details. Since 1998, he has been based in China and Australia, engaging in a wide range of activities including organizing exhibitions as a curator.  In 2009/10 he curated and was included in a major touring exhibition Zhongzian: Midway organised by Wollongong City Gallery

Jin Sha exhibits at Tokyo Gallery in Beijing and Tokyo, with recent solo exhibitions in both venues exhibiting his Salute to the Masters series.  His work appears frequently in group exhibitions of Gong-bi art at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing.

Jin Sha is Executive Director of the China Hue Art Society and member of the Art Committee of the Zhejiang Art Academy’s Chinese Fine Art Painting Research