Jin Sha CV

Jin Sha

1968      Born in Beijing, China
1992     Graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), B.A.
              Secretary-general of the Beijing Art Institute of Chinese Fine Art Painting; Executive Director of    
              China Hue Art Society; Member of the Art Committee of the Zhejiang Art Academy’s Chinese Fine Art Painting Research  
              Now live and work in Beijing and Sydney

Selected solo exhibitions
2016     Disappeared in the Mirror, Amyli Gallery, Beijing
              Salute to Masters, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Beijing
2014     Salute to Masters, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Tokyo

Selected group Exhibitions
2016     Image: Originality – Academic Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Gongbi
              Painting, National Art Gallery of China, Beijing
              Metamorphosis – 4th Biennale China-Italia, Being 3 gallery, Beijing
              Annual review exhibition of China Contemporary Ink Painting 2015-2016, Today Art Museum, Beijing                
              Zhong Dao Zi Ran:Spring Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Painting Master, 81 Gallery of Art, Beijing
2015     A New Fine Line: Contemporary Ink Painting from China
              Center for Visual Arts of Metropolitan State University, Denver
             Illusion & Image: 2015 Exhibition of Fine Brushwork Masters Painting, Sunyard Art, Hangzhou             
             Ink and Wash Articles-Change in the World of Colors, Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan
             Ink Art: Exhibition of Chinese Painting Society heritage, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
             Image Study, Right View Art, Beijing
2014     Variation - Contemporary Chinese Ink Art Series II, 
             Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
             MICRO SALON 2014,Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Tokyo
             Reviewing hand brushwork: Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Fine Line
             Painting, Ling Nan Art Museum, Guangzhou
             Transitional Mirage - Australian & Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Meijiang Art Museum, Tianjin
             8th The ACC Art Ecology Observation Exhibition Tour, Today Art Museum, Beijing
             New Expressionism of Gong Bi Art, Art Gallery of Jiangsu, Nanjing
             The China Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Realistic Painting  2014, Ink Art Gallery, Nanjing
2013     Micro Salon 2013, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Tokyo                                             
              Hue Art in Contemporary era, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
              Fable in Images, Jie Mo Gallery, Nanjing
              Philosophical in Interpretations, Poly Art Space, Hong Kong
              Philosophical in Interpretations 2013, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
              Academic and Classical,  Art Gallery of Hu Bei Institute of Fine Arts. Wuhan
              8th Academic Painting, Beijing Art Space, Beijing
              Miniature Delicacies, Poly Art Museum, Beijing
              The Way of Rejuvenation, Beijing Art Space, Beijing

2012     Xiamen National Hue Art Painting Exhibition Collections
              Biennale Italit-China, Monza
              Planeta Cina, Monza
              From Paper & Silk, Sydney
              Mabic in Details. Poly Art Museum, Beijing
              The Contemporary Gongbi Exhibition by Five Artists, Poly Art Museum, Beijing
              Onward from Concept 2012, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
              Ulti-Layered, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

2011     Philosophical in Interpretations 2011, China Space, Beijing
             6th Academic Painting, Art Gallery of National Academy of Painting, Beijing
             China Imagery, China Space, Beijing
              Imagery & Style, China World Trade Center, Beijing
              Live in Between, China World Trade Center, Beijing
              Come & Going, Sydney
              中间:MIDWAY, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
              Harmonios·Beautiful: The 1st Painting Exhibition of Sichuan Province Meticulous
              Painting Society, Chengdu Art Museum, Chengdu
2010      中间:MIDWAY :Australian Contemporary Art Tour Exhibition
               Wollongong City Gallery, Wollongong
2009      Micro and Exquisite : Art Exhibition of the Second Traditional Chinese Realistic
               Painting Small Works, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan, Changsha, Hangzhou
               中间:MIDWAY : Australian Contemporary Art Tour Exhibition, Beijing, Tianjin, Xiamen, Shanghai
               COMING HOME : Australian  Art Exhibition,Linda Gallery, Beijing
2008      Dialogue Image: The Portrait Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting, Chinese Fine Line and Ink Painting,  Xiamen, Shenzhen,          
               Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Shenyang
               Boutique 2008 : Invitation Exhibition of Famous Chinese Painting Artist, 
               Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy, Beijing
2007      Dialogue Image : The Portrait Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting, Chinese Fine Line and Ink Painting, National Art Museum of    
               China, Beijing
               Academic Fine Line: The second National Youth Artist Exhibition of Chinese Fine
               Line Painting, Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy, Beijing
               North and South Dialogue :Contemporary Chinese Painting Academic Exhibition, 
               West Lake Art Museum, Hangzhou
               Graft One Twig on Another: Contemporary Fine Line Painting Exhibition, 
               Yu Lan Tang Gallery, Beijing