Ron McBurnie makes his mark in Townsville in an exhibition celebrating the Tatoo

Ron McBurnie is currently represented in A Permanent Mark, an exhibition of at the Pinnacles Gallery in Townsville about  the impact of tattoo culture on contemporary art. This ground breaking exhibition explores and reconciles how two distinct industries - tattooing and contemporary art - are becoming increasingly interconnected. Tattoos and body art are central to many ancient cultures and civilisations, but it is the more recent popularisation and acceptance of tattoos in Western culture that has resulted in the artform permeating into the contemporary art sphere. A Permanent Mark: the impact of tattoo culture on contemporary art will display works by significant local, national and international tattoo and contemporary artists that evidence the crossover of styles, technology and techniques, themes and iconography. On exhibition until 16 August. Read more about Ron McBurnie and his work here.