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Joanna Gambotto: Artist Statment

Born in Poland, Joanna Gambotto moved to Australia in 2007 where in 2013 she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the National Art School. Since then, Joanna has participated in numerous group exhibitions, has held several solo shows in Australia and abroad and completed a 3-month residency in Penang, Malaysia. Joanna is the winner of 2013 Hornsby Art Prize as well as 2014 Clyde & Co Art Award.

Assembled from old sketches and fleeting memories, Joanna’s paintings aim to evoke a subjective account of a place rather than to render an accurate copy of one. Distortion and exaggeration become means in re-enacting the personal impression and enable the work to break away from the formal constraints of representational painting.        

Nested in the genre of still life, the works investigate the relationship and spatial arrangements between objects in the picture plane and is a playful study of pattern, colour and shape, which merge together to create a rhythmic, harmonious whole.