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Bill Brown: Call and Answer

1-26 March 2017

Receptivity & response  ( aka Call & Answer )

The nature of my work is essentially about Receptivity & Response. It requires one to be open to the experiences of the 'outer' through the knowledge of the 'inner'.   Call & answer is somewhat the same, but in my case, I use the term to explain the ways of composition, where echo & repetition of the elements of painting are used to bring harmony & surface tension to the picture-plane. 

To work this way means always being open to the triggers of inspiration.


Nothing is predetermined

 inner needs dictate

Images appear, dissolve


    as improvised invention

    retrieved from the edge

Of some artesian self.


  given permission

    in process accrue

Loaded fertile, sentient otherness

    forged into being by the 

    heat of a sensory encounter

Outside the field of knowing.

Sensual painted form

   an immanent spirit

Resonant, vivid

       deep rising

Throws light far reaching

Beyond all conceits 

     of notional intent.

The abreacting self laid bare.