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Harlequin Animalia by Anna Wheeler


Anna's work has always had a a strong use of colour which she uses to explore interests in classical mythology such as Venus and the theatrical figure of the Harlequin.

In 'Harlequin Animalia' Anna focuses on the subjects of the comic Harlequin which originated in the late 16th century and animals.Wheeler enjoys the chequered costume and light hearted personality of the harlequin.She paints the costume in bright,textured"Harlequin on Yellow" 2016 is a study after French artist André Derain's "Harlequin with Guitar".

Animals have always been a theme in Wheeler's paintings. She has frequently painted the goat and cow.In this exhibition Wheeler has introduced more animals including some from Africa : the zebra, the buffalo and the elephant. She loves the pattern of the zebra and the boldness of the shape of the buffalo head with its strong horns. Anna paints the animals in a whimsical manner. She says "I love animals. They are wonderful to look at. They seem to have a personality of their own which I try to capture through paint."