The Reserve by Remnim Alexander Tayco

Exhibition at Janet Clayton Gallery 4-26 April 2018: Artist Statement

Parramatta Lake Reserve, 73 hectares of bushland that surrounds a reservoir, is only a half hour drive from where I live.  It’s a secluded place, where on weekdays there would hardly be anyone around. The circuit I routinely explore is teeming with a rich mix of wildflowers and a canopy of Smooth-barked Apple and Blackbutt trees.

I decided to walk the circuit every week, accompanied by Billie the dog.  I knew the so track well that it began to feel like home.  Over time, I’ve seen the land evolve and adapt to the seasons.  This journey has been both meditative and profound.

“The Reserve” is a series of works that has been inspired by this journey.  Each work begins by initially distilling images onto small sketches, followed by an intensive historical paint layering technique on linen or board.  For the ink works, I use a 0.03 nib pen to convey the finest detail.