Head in the Clouds by Ron Mcburnie: Artist's Statment

I always feel at home when I walk in north Queensland rainforests.  I also marvel at their beauty, their complexity of growth and diversity of life.  In previous years leading up to this exhibition I have made artworks which skirt on the perimeter of the rainforest and view it from a vantage point just outside like a visitor staring into someone else's window.

Although some of these new artworks still include small areas of simplification and human intervention, many try to make sense of the overwhelming complexity of life inherent in each small patch of the rainforest itself.  When I began to make these works I continually asked myself how I could possibly say something more about the rainforest than just to suggest to people that they go into it and experience it for themselves. Gradually, in the process of making visual studies drawn from life, I began to develop an evolving system of marks and colours which had a direct relationship to the forest and which I could adjust, transform and evolve into an alternative but tangential rainforest of the mind.