Abstract Landscapes by Sam Peacock

19 July - 13 August 2017

Sam Peacock uses a mix of recycled metals and industrial paints to create landscape pieces. Peacock describes the process as "a love of the country and how nature can take back what it wants when it wants. A use of the primitivism within, combined with a eye towards the coast. Steel ports, industry, sugar cane slavery. Materials ever-evolving like our city itself. The heat of an open fire, the chemical compounds intrusive with raw colour. Steel glimmering through the conversation which has taken place in front of you. Like entering the room after an argument. Energies still screaming out. The fire's embers pass and burn into the night. The sea calms once more. The city's heart beats continually."

Theatre Paintings by Susan Wald 19 July to 13 August 2017

I believe that painting in the twenty first century can still be a potent medium, one that is able to speak about and reflect on our time in a powerful way. In my work I try to express something of the quality and subtlety of what it feels like to be human: the internal world of emotions, the pain and the knowledge that we are essentially alone in the world.