Chinese born Lee Hong completed her initial qualifications at the Central Academy of Art in Beijing in woodblock printing before moving to Australia and receiving an Associate Diploma in Visual Arts (1991) and later a Master of Studio Practice at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW (2007). Over the past five years she has held four solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Beijing and participated in prestigious curated exhibitions including From Mao to Now at the Newington Armory Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park, and the 3rd Asian Art Expo in Beiing in 2011. In 2012 Lee exhibited in the group exhibition From Paper at Beijing Art Space curated by Janet Clayton Gallery and in 2013 was the recipient of a travelling scholarship to Tibet where she worked with an international group of artists responding to the Tibetan landscape and culture. Lee's practice includes printmaking, laser cut sculpture, drawing and painting.


Artist's Statement

Reflecting on the spirituality of seasonal change, newness and hope, Lee Hong's work looks both inward and outward. Her personal trajectory travels from early black and white abstract landscapes, to edgy laser cut sculptures and, more recently, vivacious expressions of colour - the neo-cubist forms and frenzied brushwork of her paintings and silkscreen prints. "Light traverses through clouds after storm. That glaring beam of light resembles hope and encouragement. When a strong beam of light illuminates the sea surface, it calls up a shock beyond description, deep inside the heart. Light represents looking ahead - the future. Traversing and colliding with light changes the original character and beauty of things... Does the subject really matter? Drawing a bird, dog, or nature, is actually drawing life and regeneration. It's what we are seeking - renewal."