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Koichi Ishino is a Japanese artist who immigrated to Australia in 2009, now living and working in Gosford, NSW. He has been a full time artist for over twenty years.

Koichi graduated with a Bachelor of Kyoto City University of Arts in 1976. Koichi has an international reputation as an artist and has been the recipient of numerous prizes including the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art Award (1997), the Kyoto National Museum of Art Award (1995), the recipient of Staff Choice Prize, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2004. He has completed numerous significant commissions for Osaka Sayama City Culture Centre (Commissioned by Simizu Corporation), Okuwa corporate headquarters Wakayama City (Commissioned by Asanuma Corporations), Izu City (Commissioned by Kinki Regional Development bureau), and Bournemouth University England. In 2014 he was the recipient of the prestigious Helen Lempiere award from Sculpture by the Sea.

Artist's Statement

Koichi's work is characterised by smooth mirror surfaces of stainless steel paired with stone. Throughout his career, Koichi has been developing original inlay techniques and producing works that combine the contrasting materials of metal and stone. Koichi manipulates the materials so they reflect the surrounding scenery and abruptly transform the mottled surface of stone. In his works, materials of completely different qualities come together as one fabricated form. Created with superlative skill, by joining and polishing the steel and stone perfectly into one smooth surface, Koichi's sculptures emanate a unique sense of tension. As a result of the combination of these two materials in such a way that not the slightest gap or separation exists between them, appearing indeed to have been of a whole from the beginning, the feel and expressive qualities of both these materials are further deepened and amplified.

Since 1990, I continue to explore the relationship between the sculpture, the environment and myself.  How do I exist in the universe? Recently I strongly feel that sculpture is my portrait.  I use stainless steel and stone as the main materials in my work.  While stone could exist by itself , the mirror surface stainless steel could not.

My work conveys the void between conscious and unconscious surroundings in the environment. The mirrored surface creates the effect of ambiguity; the reflections of both project and conceal images of the surroundings. Through the reflections evoked by sculpture, this environment can perceived by the viewer’s imagination.