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Artist's Statement

Having grown up in one environment and then migrated to live in several others before ending up in rural Australia, my artworks are inspired by encounters with the natural world. Much of my work has been exploring our relationship with the landscape and, through it, I have come to recognise nature’s significance to our humanity, and to believe that the landscape is an essential element in the formation of a culture’s distinctiveness.As such the focus of my art is not necessarily on the majestic – rather, I choose to engage with forces that act upon the fragments, and to examine the nature of their changeability. As a result my artworks act as metaphors alluding, through their subject matter, to our everyday experiences. My artworks are based on ideas and concepts which I prefer to explore on two dimensional surfaces. I use a technique which I have developed over many years, based on the old masters painting technique I’d learnt in Vienna. By layering paint and tempera the canvases develop a reality of sorts, with which I hope to entice the viewer to enter into a dialogue with the artwork; to perhaps reach beyond the surface and engage with the new spaces I created.


Hanna Kay is an internationally established artist who was born in Israel, studied art in Vienna, lived a decade in New York, and has been living and exhibiting in Australia since 1990. She has exhibited extensively in the art capitals of Europe, the USA, and Australia and her art is to be found in many public and private collections in Australia and around the world. She has been extensively reviewed and has received several awards. In 2007, Macmillan Art Publications published "Notes from the Shed" an illustrated selection from Kay's journal focusing on the creative process. In 2008 she was commissioned by the Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW to create a special touring exhibition – Undertow - which explored Jewish migration to Australia.  In recent  years Hanna has exhibited at Tamworth, Musswelbrook and Maitland regional galleries.   In 2014 she commenced a PhD project in visual arts at Sydney University including research field trips in China and a touring exhibition of the art component.