Robyn Gordon

Since 1980, Robyn's work has been regularly exhibited, in both solo and selected group shows, throughout Australia. e.g. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; State galleries of NSW, WA, SA, TAS, NT, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. Her work has also been exhibited in Great Britain (e.g. Victoria and Albert Museum, London), France, Spain, Germany, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and PR of China.

Examples of Robyn's work are represented in the National Gallery of Australia as well as state, territory and regional galleries and many institutional, corporate and private collections.

Robyn has received several awards for her work. She has undertaken numerous commissions including sculptural installations, specific occasion jewellery collections for organizations or for individuals, silkscreen print editions, and also, costume and set design for contemporary dance. Her wearable body adornment enjoys a very wide audience  - Robyn utilises these pieces of work as a communication between maker, wearer and observer. 

Robyn has had a long career in art teaching, both at secondary and tertiary levels. She also served as a Member of the Australian Government's Task Force on Education and the Arts, as well as a Member of the Australian Governments National Reference Group on Australian Studies in the Curriculum. Her work has been documented in a long list of publications as well as on radio, film and TV.

I grew up on the eastern coast of Australia, exploring beach, littoral zone, coral reef and bushland. I have bowerbird qualities, constantly collecting objects, especially weathered fragments revealing their history, and regularly photographing or sketching the visual environment. I'm interested in both close focus and bird's eye views. I have also travelled w in Europe, parts of the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific region recording many suspended images, cultural tokens, historical sites, environmental adornments which have influenced my work.

Initially my main interest was in textiles, but I moved towards body adornment - tribal, transient tokens of wealth and place, the basic desire felt by all peopleregardless of age, race or status to adorn their bodies for many purposes - spiritualism, ritual, tokenism, identification, pride and joy in decoration, individualism - a visual language worn like a badge. 

My aesthetic concerns are graphic imagery, painterly qualities, building with colour in the fauve sense, poetic colour which is very often an intrinsic part of the structure of the piece; plus texture, both visual and tactile, is important.

I utilize a wide range of media and enjoy the challenge of makingan odd assortment of materials form a cohesive whole.

Whatever forms and media I may be using at a given moment as the vehicle for my expression, there is a thread which links my aesthetic and philosophical concerns.