Bronwyn Bancroft is an Aboriginal artist and designer whose artworks have been collected by galleries and museums throughout Australia, in the USA and Germany. Exhibitions of her art have been shown in Australia as well as in Indonesia, New Zealand, the USA, France and Germany. A descendant of the Bundjalung people of New South Wales, Bronwyn grew up in the small country town of Tenterfield. She now lives in Sydney with her three children.  

Bancroft has had a long term involvement with the Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative. From 1992-1997 she was  a Board member of the Council of the National Gallery of Australia  and Chairperson of the National Indigenous Arts & Advocacy Assn (NIAA) (formally AAMA) from 1993 -1996. She is founder and director of Designer Aboriginals, creating unique paintings, hand printed fabrics, illustrations for children's books as well as reproduction rights for publishing and printing of work.

The artist holds a Master of Studio Practice and a Master of Visual Arts from the University of Sydney and is currently a Doctoral candidate at the University of Western Sydney and recipient of the Discovery IndigenousResearcher's Development Grant.

Artist's Statement


 I have always said that I would never become a solid painter until my later years. This philosophy was imbedded and express to me by my Dad who believed that you had to have some age on you to know what people assume to know. Acquired knowledge is not personally related to the history of who you are. When you have directly experienced the plethora of events that affect you, direct you, exploit you and explore you, you become the sponge that draws the moisture of life into you, the core of your being, your centre of gravity and your impetus for creativity.  The historical, familial and social engagement and exploration through the timeline of my family’s history allows for a detailed understanding of what was happening to Aboriginal Australia. I have never thought of never being an artist. I remember constantly drawing as a young child of six years. I remember hounding my mother for art supplies and wanting to saturate my life with all sense of creativity.