Ros Auld is an Australian potter based in Borenore near Orange, in Central West NSW, specialising in slab-built, or thrown and manipulated, stoneware forms decorated with wood ash glazes and trailed and incised slips, coloured oxides and gold lustre. Her sculptural and functional work is informed by the dynamic forces, surface textures and subtle colours of the Australian landscape. She was born in 1948 and lived in Inverell, NSW, before studying painting and ceramics at the National Art School in Newcastle and Sydney. In 1975 Auld worked in the ceramic studio of the painter, John Piper in England. On returning to Australia in 1976, she taught visual arts and ceramics at tertiary level for a number of years before concentrating on her own work at her studio near Orange. She has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions and her work is represented in many galleries and private collections in Australia and overseas.  Auld has collaborated with many artists, notably John Olsen, Tim Winters and Gabriella Hegyes.

Artist's Statement

Initially Ros Auld’s  studio practice focused on salt glazed ceramics and large painterly decorated, platters. Her recent work encompasses large hand-built vessels and steel and ceramic sculptures. “Landscape is my source - more the accumulation of recollected impressions than particular sites. From the detailed weathered surfaces and textures of the bush to the broader environment and influence of weather conditions there is endless reference material for reflection. My intention is to express both the strength and fragility of nature using materials from the earth”. The ceramic vessels are hand built, coloured with clay slips and oxides and coated with a glaze that shrinks in firing producing a distinctive textured “crackle glaze”.